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Best Hot Rollers for 2018

Bouncy curls and flowy waves are aesthetically pleasing looks that never go out of style, don’t you agree? If you are into such styles and want to have them for yourself, as well, you don’t always have to go to a salon and spend money to have them done because you, too, can achieve those classic styles for yourself. You may invest in hot rollers for you to style your hair anytime, anywhere. But if you want beautifully styled curls or waves that last, you’re going to need the best quality for best results. So, here are three of the best hot rollers to date.

  1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional 20-Roller Hairsetter

This professional roller set, which is velvet flocked and made with ceramic and nano titanium, uses infrared and ionic technology. It creates beautiful soft curls or waves without damaging hair. The rollers heat up very fast but also retain heat for long periods, allowing you to quickly achieve your desired style that will last with a professional finish. This hot roller set comes with 20 rollers in different sizes: 6 smalls (3/4″), 6 mediums (1″), and 8 larges (1-1/4″), along with butterfly clips to go with them. It has a color indicator that signals when the rollers are ready for use.

  1. Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter

Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter uses the latest curl setting technology that induces steam molecules into the hair for long-lasting voluminous curls and waves. The rollers are gentle on the hair, as they style without much threat to the health of your hair since the steam also conditions and moisturizes for beautiful damage-free results. This hot roller set is great for all hair types and most especially suitable and very effective for thin hair. It’s a time-saving roller set that only requires 2-3 minutes for the rollers to heat and it will take 5-10 minutes for your curls to set, which can be speeded up to just 30 seconds with a dryer. The 30-roller set includes a styling guide, comb clips, a carrying case, a steam setter, 6 petite rollers, 6 small rollers, 6 medium rollers, 6 large rollers, and 6 jumbo rollers.

  1. T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Hair Rollers

If big bold waves are what you opt for, these rollers are perfect for you. This set includes four extra-large (1.47″) and four large (1.5″) rollers that are velvet flocked for creating soft frizz-free waves with coolgrip rims for easy handling and wrapping, as well as 8 crease-free clips. It comes along with a charging base with two heat settings and a light indicator, as well as a carrying case. In addition, it has an auto world voltage (100-240v) making it possible to be used anywhere in the world and is good for travel. These rollers have a tourmaline and ceramic core that heats hair inside out, which also hydrates hair and seals the cuticle. Its ionic and infrared technology keeps the hair silky and shiny. They are best for long thick hair with their wide diameter and long length.

In choosing what hot roller to use, or whatever product for that matter, you must always consider your hair type. For long thick hair, a roller set with just one temperature will be fine; for fine hair, you’ll need several options; the size of the rollers will depend on how curly or wavy you want your hair to be; features to ensure the health of your hair is also important. But most of all, you’ll have to look into the quality.

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